Friday, December 16, 2016

La Machine- Carny 99 CDr (2000) + Fade Out 2001 CDr (2001)

Another of the bands/releases that inspired me to start this blog, LA MACHINE was a super stoned dub-rock Six Finger Satellite-orbit project with the core of Rick Pelletier (Six Finger Satellite, Chinese Stars) and Jon Loper (Made In Mexico, latter Six Finger Satellite), with a revolving membership including Shawn Greenlee (Landed, Pleasurehorse, 6FS also) and Dare Matheson (Made in Mexico, Laurels) among others. I saw these guys as a 3 piece in the early 00s with Greenlee playing basslines on the teensy tiny keyboard of a Roland MC-303 "Groovebox", which blew me away.
These guys didn't put out any "official" recordings under the name until 2013's "Phases & Repetitions" on John Dwyer's Castle Face Records, but self-released a series of CDr "LP"s in the early 00s, each with two long tracks of multiple strung-together songs in the format of the A and B sides of a record. Deeply baked dub-punk jams, saturated in echo and sqawking filters, glowing with the unmistakable sound of warehouse reverb.  Throbbing bass and synth over big-room drums, occasional vocals buried in effects, the odd harmonica disruption. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a dub-centric project from the parties involved, which I mean in the mostly highly complimentary way.
Amazing stuff that has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. No discogs listings, no Youtube tracks. This is why we're here. Download both, get ripped, fade out.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment MEGA POST (2003-2005)

Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment. One of the top handful of bands I had in mind when I started this blog, and yet have dicked around and procrastinated about giving JKAE the proper treatment. Top-shelf drums+electronics/guitar masked electrofied spazz noisepunk in the classic early-00s style. Would fit perfectly on Load circa 2002-04 alongside bands like Neon Hunk, Fat Worm of Error, Total Shutdown, etc. Featuring Ren Schofield (Container/God Willing/Form A Log/etc) on drums n stuff, and Charles Lavendier on electronics, keys and guitar, who went on to play mousetronics in the last few tours and album with the White Mice (as well as a ton of other awesome projects).    Fucking fantastic stuff made by old friends during an extremely fertile period in space and time. This post was far too long in coming.

Included in the file are:
-my own rips of their first self-titled CDR (pictured at the top)
as well as the plain no-cover CDR labeled "1st Demo" (pictured at the bottom)
 -a 192kbps rip of their seond self-titled 3" CDR on the incredible Audiobot label, which is the same as the first self-titled CDR above, but minus the into and live tracks and including two additional tracks
-a 256kbps rip of the "Alive in the Electric Kingdom" CDR which features a lot of the same songs but with often vastly different recordings and versions

This is as much a complete discography as I've been able to piece together. There was also a collaborative CDR recorded with Unicorn Hardon and Knifestorm (which I will also be posting up soon), but this seems to be about it otherwise.
Enjoy a classic slice of early-00s Olneyville freak rock genius.

Check out "Laser Express Zone" from the self-titled 2004 CDr!

And yeah, it's a zip file with 4 other zip files in it. Cry me a river.

2016: I'M BACK.

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeey.
Sorry for the year+ lapse in posts but I'm back with a vengeance and a ton of amazing rotting obscurities to share. This year has sucked on high gear, so it's time for some spreading of joy. I'm going to do some rebranding and remodeling here, and I think is going to go official with the Providence-centric theme, even if simply because it's what I know best and have the largest resource of.
Expect posts on the regular, starting momentarily with one of the prime bands that inspired me to start this blog. I've got a ton sparkling gems on deck guaranteed to either make or ruin your day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Various- "Real Slow Radio no.2 - FAST" (2001)

Yet another installment of Mat Brinkman's Mish Mash Mush compilations, this time in the themed Real Slow Radio sub-series. The theme of this edition is FAST, so chew some Adderall and strap in for some off-the-wall hyperspeed freak noise hysteria in a mix of styles, from the usual MMMMMM mess of bands you knows and love, bands you've never heard of and bands that barely (if ever) existed. Plenty of exclusive tracks from familiar names on this one, like Lightning Bolt, Kites, Pleasurehorse, Olneyville Sound System, Mudboy, Libythth and Meerk Puffy. Lots of great stuff from more obscure locals (at least in 2001) like Curmudgeon Clique, Bug Sized Mind, Butcherings, and personal favorite Ninja Vs Wrestler.
As you can see, it also came in a sick silkscreened sewn-felt/ultrasuede sleeve. It was much less dirty looking 14 years ago.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bug Sized Mind- "The Spider and the Fly" CDr (2001)

After two months of silence WE'RE BACK! Swinging back into action with an obscure Providence gem. Bug Sized Mind was (is?) Rich Porter, who went on to form Wizardzz with Brian Gibson of Lightning Bolt (on drums no less), and who has done time in Barkley's Barnyard Critters and Freak Zone (with Mat Brinkman and Leif Goldberg, who were responsible for some of the most chaotic and violent performances I've ever witnessed).
Bug Sized Mind was Rich's most consistent solo project, exploring the deep end of meticulously programmed digital electronics.  Sharp, jerky synthetic rhythms build up into kaleidoscopic masses of interlocking bleeps and squelches, violently jumping back and forth across the stereo field. The harsh panning make this something of a headphone nightmare, unless you're the sort of sick fuck who actually enjoys the sensation of insects buzzing in a mass around your head. The name Bug Sized Mind is especially fitting because this music is among the most overtly insectoid this listener has ever heard. Entomophobes steer clear, because listening to BSM is not unlike being swarmed by thousands of tiny laser-powered robot mosquitoes who've been rudely baseball-batted from their nest.
The only music I've ever played in the house that truly freaked out my dogs.


Thursday, July 2, 2015


I've fallen pretty behind in my updates here. Much more on the way soon, and at a less plodding rate.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Various- "5/02 aka Mish Mash Mush Maximum Mega Mix no7" (2002)

Now that the first 3 MMMMMM comps are up I can say fuck-all to proper sequencing and lay down a personal favorite in the series. This one is a straight banger. Exclusive tracks from Lightning Bolt, Pleasurehorse, Munch, Sinking Body, Ninja vs Wrestler, Noise Nomads, Kites, Hs Dom, and the funkiest Meerk Puffy track you've ever goddamn heard. Plenty of other great stuff such as Patootie Lobe from Forcefield, a rare sighting of Brian Chippendale's pre-Black Pus solo jam Lord Sun Son, Stereo Discount Center representatives Stuart Powers and Ferox Head, and plenty more I can't (or won't) identify.
As with most of these, there's no entry for this, which I may have to buckle down and fix at some point. Until then you're going to have to settle for the barely-legible tracklisting photo below for an idea of what to expect.