Friday, December 16, 2016

La Machine- Carny 99 CDr (2000) + Fade Out 2001 CDr (2001)

Another of the bands/releases that inspired me to start this blog, LA MACHINE was a super stoned dub-rock Six Finger Satellite-orbit project with the core of Rick Pelletier (Six Finger Satellite, Chinese Stars) and Jon Loper (Made In Mexico, latter Six Finger Satellite), with a revolving membership including Shawn Greenlee (Landed, Pleasurehorse, 6FS also) and Dare Matheson (Made in Mexico, Laurels) among others. I saw these guys as a 3 piece in the early 00s with Greenlee playing basslines on the teensy tiny keyboard of a Roland MC-303 "Groovebox", which blew me away.
These guys didn't put out any "official" recordings under the name until 2013's "Phases & Repetitions" on John Dwyer's Castle Face Records, but self-released a series of CDr "LP"s in the early 00s, each with two long tracks of multiple strung-together songs in the format of the A and B sides of a record. Deeply baked dub-punk jams, saturated in echo and sqawking filters, glowing with the unmistakable sound of warehouse reverb.  Throbbing bass and synth over big-room drums, occasional vocals buried in effects, the odd harmonica disruption. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a dub-centric project from the parties involved, which I mean in the mostly highly complimentary way.
Amazing stuff that has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. No discogs listings, no Youtube tracks. This is why we're here. Download both, get ripped, fade out.


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